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Discover the sights, sounds and stillness of the Maltese Islands

For its small size, Malta packs a mighty punch. A visit here is a journey through layers of history, a walk past architectural elegance and an adventure across Mediterranean seascapes. 

Your experience in the Maltese archipelago could take many forms. History buffs will stand in awe. There are prehistoric temples, 18th-century palaces and towns built by the Knights of St John, war rooms from where the British and Americans directed invasions into Italy during World War II, and much much more.  

The most extraordinary prehistoric site is the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, which is a 5,000-year-old underground necropolis carved out of the rock. For an ancient site with dazzling views, however, head to the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. You’ll soon understand why the ancient people of Malta knew a thing or two about picking top-notch locations with perfect panoramas of the sea.

Malta’s geographical location in the middle of the Mediterranean made it a favourite and much-fought-over location over the centuries. Mdina and Valletta in Malta, and Victoria in Gozo, are fortress towns that transport you back in time. 

Every corner of these towns is picture-worthy and every street a sight to behold. 

Across the spectacular Grand Harbour from Valletta, you’ll find The Three Cities, which can also be reached by ferry from Valletta. The alleyways here were made to get lost in. Narrow and meandering, the entire area radiates a bygone era.

A visit to the Capital City of Valletta is a must. After the Great Siege of 1565, the Knights set about planning the City, it was said to be a City built by gentlemen for gentlemen. It was the first City to be designed before it was built and the layout of the roads on a grid system were perfect to accommodate for the water and sanitation.

If you prefer wandering the countryside, you’ll delight in rambling along Malta’s mesmerising coast. Dizzying limestone cliffs drop dramatically into the deep blue sea. You’ll discover hidden coves and golden sandy beaches. So grab your beach towel and sunglasses because a dip in the Mediterranean Sea is a must.

Whatever time of the year you’re here, there are countless things to do. If you’re a fan of water sports, Malta and Gozo have some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. The area is renowned for wreck diving and its incredible visibility.  

On of the best ways to see the Islands and access over 35 attractions in Malta and Gozo is with iSeeMalta, it is yout ticket to discounted historical and cultural sites, travel and entertainment. When travelling with the iSeeMalta pass you’ll receive unlimited use of hop-on-hop-off services both on land and at sea, taking you through uncharted routes mapped specifically for iSeeMalta travellers! All this fits neatly in your pocket, in the mobile app, designed for easy, affordable, dynamic travel.   If you pre-book your passes through the hotel you will receive a further discount on the ticket prices.

Should you wish to hop over to Gozo for the day use the GozoFast Ferry which travels between Mgarr, Gozo and the Grand Harbour in Valletta in less than 45 minutes. In collaboration with Malta Public Transport, the bus service operator, the GozoFast Ferry is able to offer a seamless, interoperable and fast journey to customers. Your Time Matters!

Summertime is festa season in Malta and Gozo. Every town and village is dominated by its church, and every church has a feast – or festa in Maltese. This is when the town and its residents enjoy celebrating in the street with food, drink and entertainment in most villages. 

With so many settlers throughout the ages, Malta certainly has an enthralling mix of traditions. Generations have merged cultures together and formed a lifestyle, mentality and charisma that is uniquely Maltese.  

Our food blends elements and flavours of mainly Mediterranean cuisine. The Maltese flair emerges through our local ingredients, such as rabbit, honey, thyme and fennel.  The Italian team of chefs at The Village Kitchen Restaurant at the hotel amplify Mediterranean flavour in their exquisite dishes. 

The Maltese are warm and welcoming, and they enjoy loud and laughter-filled gatherings in the clubs, bars and restaurants on every town’s main square. This is where village life gathers, often in band clubs that serve some of the tastiest and most reasonably priced food on the island.

If you need advice on where to go and what to do while you’re in Malta, speak to a member of the team at The Village Boutique & Spa. We’re devoted to the island and would be delighted to share some of our favourite spots with you.

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