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Naxxar Village

Immerse yourself in Maltese character

Naxxar crystallises the multifaceted beauty of a quaint Maltese town that has retained its old-world charm and timelessness. Its narrow, winding back streets are a tranquil oasis away from the hussle and bustle of the main square. 

As expected from a historic Maltese village, residents in Naxxar are immensely proud of their town. It’s a thriving spot, and you can easily while away days on end here. 

According to local legend, the people of Naxxar were the first to run to the aid of Saint Paul and other survivors when they were shipwrecked en route to Rome. 

True or not, this is a town steeped in history on the island.

In typical Maltese style, life in the village centres on the piazza and church, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Victories. Naxxar truly explodes in life during the village feast, which is celebrated on 8 September. On this once-yearly weekend of cheer, an already-buzzing atmosphere is amplified with bars, bands, food stalls and fireworks.  The festa period is usually a 4 day event from around the 3rd/4thSeptember up to the 8th.

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